Marja Acres Carlsbad Planning Commission Hearing

September 16, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.

Marja Acres will be presented to Carlsbad Planning Commission in September. Although the hearing will be held virtually, we encourage you to "RSVP" with us if you are interested in receiving details specific to the Planning Comission hearing.

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  • Are you interested in living at Marja Acres, or know someone who does?

  • Do you believe there needs to be more attainably priced homes in Carlsbad? 

  • Do you want to see more walkable communities with publicly accessible parks and amenities?

  • Do you support Affordable housing options for low-income seniors?

  • Do you support sustainable communities that prioritize solar energy and electric vehicle use?

  • Would you welcome a farm-to-table restaurant that features ingredients grown in an urban farm, right here in Carlsbad?

  • Do you support increased use of transit, bikes, and living close to where you work?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, please consider voicing your support for Marja Acres by writing a letter to Carlsbad's decision-makers. 

We will be presenting Marja Acres to the Carlsbad Planning Commission next month to ask for their approval to move forward. Your voice is important, and the City's decision-makers need to hear directly from you! Please complete the fields below to send a letter to Carlsbad Planning Commissioners.

The Planning Commission hearing has been adjusted due to COVID safety precautions and the hearing will be hosted virtually. Your support letter will be sent to Planning Commission as part of the official record. 

Thank you for your support! 

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Message to Carlsbad City Council

Please let our Mayor and City Council know what you think about the proposed Marja Acres plan.

Feel free to copy and paste any of the messages below or write your own!

  • I am writing to pledge my support for Marja Acres, a sustainable, mixed-use community that improves accessibility to housing and transportation to those who need it most. This project is forward-thinking and has the ability to effect change in the City of Carlsbad by improving our quality of life through housing and building community. Marja Acres will provide a balanced intergenerational lifestyle and promote healthy living. There will be an urban farm, walkable eateries and shops, and free transit passes for residents. It would be great to have more access to affordable housing, greater access to a work-life balance and access to living in a community that reduces their carbon footprint. Please support this project that helps improve the health and wellness for residents.

  • Marja Acres will be the first residential project in the city to offer free transit passes to its residents. These passes can be utilized with all regional transportation services including NCTD breeze buses to rail lines and even the MTS Trolley Service. I support this project as it focuses on the goal is to reduce car trips, road congestion, and working towards reducing our carbon footprint.  Planning Commissioners and City Council, I urge you to approve Marja Acres as this is the type of sustainable, forward-thinking project that we need in Carlsbad. 

  • Our city continues to face housing challenges, now more than ever with growing affordability issues and new RHNA targets. This project is designed in a way that makes new, modern townhomes attainable and offers 46 affordable apartments. Clustering homes near employment centers and near neighborhoods that already exist is a great way to improve climate action goals, reduce commutes and complement the community character. Please join me in support of Marja Acres.

We're nearing the home stretch!
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